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Not everyone can do what you do... But anyone can see that what you do makes a wondferful difference. Thank you for a great week of learning the right way to golf. We will continue to apply what you taught us as we enter the "trusting mode". We want you to have a special 50th Anniversary dinner in France on us.

Thanks again, Steven and Maggie, Atlanta, GA


Thank you so much for a wonderful 3 days! Your knowledge, patience, wisdom and teaching methods are an inspiration 😊. We both learned so much, it is now up to us to practice what you taught us! And yes we appreciate being able to contact you with questions 🤔

Don and Lynn, Saskatchewan, Canada


Good morning!!! Plane leaves here from Phoenix in an hour can't thank you enough for 2 days of what I'm calling treasures of golf!! You were more than I could ever imagine!! By the way the grand canyon, well you have to see with your own eyes, what a piece real estate!! Carolyn and myself thankyou for recommending the Hilton as well!! Until next time!!

Mark and Carolyn, Modesto, CA


Thank Earl so much for being patient with my bad habits. I really learned many things from you to help my golf. You are an amazing teacher and a great person! I will give you an update later in the golf season. - (update)Since attending your golf school, I continued to practice and play. I was able to improve my short game and lower my scores. (Good work!!)

Sara Jo, Kansas City, MO


Earl, we enjoyed the time. It exceeded expectations. Thank you for your patience. I wish I could follow your instructions and repeat your directions over and over. I will work on it.

Vickie and David, Cottonwood Heights, UT


Thanks so much. You are amazing. Exactly what we both needed. We will keep you posted and see you next time we are here.

Jeff and Kristy, Austin, TX