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Frequently Asked Questions


Why a senior only golf school?

By specializing for men and women players over 55 of age, we address their specific strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately with age we are not able to do things that we were able to do at a younger age. Swings need to adapt to the older body and limitations. Working with senior golfers for many years, and being one myself, I have gained valuable insight into what works and what doesn't. We will not make your body do extreme twisting or turning. We will working within each persons capabilities and make you the best player possible.

What is a typical day at your golf school?

Your golf school is customized to work on the areas of your game that will benefit you the most and result in better scores and more enjoyment. Typically your day will start with swing lessons on the practice tee where your golf swing will be analyzed and improved. Depending on your needs, normally next you will work on short game and putting. After a relaxing lunch with your golf professional, both of you will go over what was accomplished in the morning session and determine the best course of action for the afternoon. Specific attention will be devoted to difficult areas or, depending on your development, new techniques will be introduced. If the student is ready for on-course instruction, then we will have a warm up session and a playing lesson where you will learn playing strategy, pre-shot routine, unusual lies, and an opportunity to use your improved golf swing in real playing conditions. Over a multiple day golf school your routine will vary depending on the areas of your golf game that needs the most work, but usually I like to end the last day with an enjoyable playing lesson on the golf course, where you can see the improvement that you have accomplished.

On what days can I attend your golf school?

We will work with your schedule and personalize the dates for your convienence. Monday through Sunday.

What is your payment policy?

We take a $250.00 deposit per person at time of booking. The remaining amount will be charged to your credit card on the first day of your golf school.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your deposit is 100% refundable within 10 days of the first day of your scheduled golf school. If you need to cancel after that, we will refund all but $100 of each persons deposit. If you need to change dates, there is no penalty.

What is the rain out policy?

We will do everything possible to complete your golf school to your satisfaction. If a day is rained out and cannot be made up, we will refund you the appropriate percentage of the amount that you paid.

When should I book my golf school?

The earlier you can schedule your school the better. The earlier you book, you have your choice of dates and availability. However, we can handle last minute requests, please call us to see the availability.